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How a swingers lifestyle changes women

An interesting article from The Examiner: Many women have a hard time keeping up in a man's world. Mass-market culture offers a feminine standard that is far too hard for most to match. Not only are they expected to be free of blemishes, as thin

Know The Facts About Swinging & Swingers

The Facts About Swinging and Swingers Hughey and Kate have been learning about swinging from our fave swinger Chantelle Austin. She even hosted Brekky producer Sacha and button pusher Ash at a swingers party! She runs a blog at

Open Marriages And Swingers Are Happier

Open Marriage and Swinging Several studies show that couples in open marriages tend to be happier and more satisfied with their marriages and with life in general than couples in monogamous marriages. --Article by Dr. David Watson

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The Best Swingers Resource Around - Lifestyle Q & A - Club Reviews- Private Social Areas - and more! Join us as we roll out our new website. Welcome, and feel free to comment or send me a quick note about anything you would like to


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